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What Can You Expect?

Introduction To Asset Classes

A deep dive into the primary asset classes: cash, bonds and stocks, along with a discussion of secondary asset classes such as oil, gold, real estate, and shoes. (ok, just kidding on that last one! ). This first module includes lessons on two of the most important concepts in investing: compound interest and asset allocation.

ETFs and Mutual Funds Explained

If you are going to invest in mutual funds, there is probably not a worse country you could choose than Canada. Bring a flashlight, because we are going to walk through the dark side of the industry. But also grab some sunglasses, as there is some serious light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking At Your Risk Profile

You would be hard pressed to find a financial expert that didn’t support the opinion that asset allocation is one of the most important decisions you can make in determining your investing success.  And you can’t have a discussion about asset allocation, without talking about risk.  We’ll have that conversation here.


In this module, we will examine the account options available to Canadian investors.  While the discussion will primarily be a comparison of the TFSA and RRSP accounts, there are details on cash, margin, RESP and RRIF accounts. No stone account left unturned!

Opening Your Investment Account

Watch over my shoulder as we navigate to Questrade, one of Canada’s leading online brokerage firms, and open a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). I will take you step-by-step through the account opening process, until—in just 20-30 minutes—you have your account open!

Seven Keys to Investing Success

From setting your objectives, having a plan, diversification and asset allocation, I will walk you through the seven keys to becoming and staying a successful investor. This single module is going to help you put all of the puzzle pieces together and give you laser focus for the future.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

You know how you know you are supposed to eat 30% carbs, 30% fat and 60% protein, but then vacation happens and everything gets out of whack. Well yeah, sometimes this will happen to your portfolio (but with less chocolate). In this module I’ll show you how to whip it back into shape.

Tracking and Monitoring Your Portfolio

You’ve opened your account, bought your ETFs, and moved on with your incredible life—now what? Let me show you the tools to set up from the start, so checking the important stats takes only a few minutes.  Oh, and we are going to go line-by-line through an account statement.

Interest, Dividends & Capital Gains

Together we are going to walk through the three ways your investment portfolio grows.  From cash and bond interest, stock dividends and growth through capital gains (and sometimes *sigh* losses), after completing this model you will have a solid understanding of portfolio returns.

Case Studies

..and here is where it all comes together! I will walk you step-by-step through the financial plans and investment strategies of three separate women.  Each at a distinct stage in her life and with varying priorities and goals.  Whether you are just starting out or are already a seasoned investor, I guarantee you will learn from this module.

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I am so excited to be creating and recording Zero to Portfolio: Intermediate Edition for you, and am confident the course is going to be everything you expect—and more.

Congratulations on taking this step in your investing journey.